Costa Rica Earthquake

On January 8th of 2009 the lives of many people in Costa Rica were strongly affected and changed due to an earthquake measuring 6,2 on the Richter scale. The epicenter was located mainly in the zones of Cinchona, Vara Blanca and Fraijanes, tourist areas of this country near the Poás Volcano. Pastor Sharon Williams had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica and to offer aid to the affected people. God opened doors for her to travel, and to provide clothes and food for the victims.
In previous days leading up to her trip, Apostle Gustavo Acuña, president of the organization LDPD, made a call for aid to all the churches affiliated under his covering. Pastors Manuel and Lilliam Fernandez, of the church Nehemiah’s Vision, located near the affected area began to attend to these families.
Initially, Pastor Sharon, Pastor Manuel and Pastor Areadnne de Marchena (of the church Fresh Anointing Community) went to visit several families who were victims and were temporarily in houses of their relatives and friends in the Province of Heredia. There, these people had the opportunity to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.
On the following day, they were at the area of the epicenter. Because some of the terrestrial routes, roads disappeared under the force of the strong earthquake. This group saw the hand of God in all things, because the Police Force allowed them to enter this area to be able to take photos and to speak with the people who still were living in their damaged houses. They remained, trying to preserve their properties, or to recover their possessions, or simply to begin again.
The pastors encountered a family, like many, that they still did not know anything regarding what they had lost because the road to their home had disappeared and they were living in a house totally without furniture. (One such person is Mr. Roger in the photographs) They took a message of Hope and also food and donations to those affected. These people received the Lord Jesus Christ in their hearts as their personal Savior. These families needed our help, comfort, love and hope.
We thank the Lord for the opportunity we had to help them and we thank all who donated to this outreach. This allowed us all to make a difference.