Wondering About God?

When I was a little girl, I used to ask myself things like:
Does God really exist?
Why was I born?
I used to feel like I was living without direction. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. The loneliness in my heart also made me feel hopeless. It thought that the solution to that loneliness was to find that person who would love me and would say it to me in public, the vote of serious love “till death do us part”. That was the best hope or answer I could imagine and believed that would make me feel complete, fulfilled. I just didn’t want to carry all the voids and emptiness placed in my heart.
As for my friends, they were popular. They took refuge in different things like: their popularity, drugs, alcohol, music, boyfriends, sex, and rebellion against their parents; they even did things without thinking them through just to be wild. In my case, I tried some of the methods of my friends, but I discovered that they were not for me. Those things just gave a momentary happiness and did not satisfy me. So I decided to take refuge in the church. I thought that if looked for God, He would give me the answers to all the questions. I some how believed that I could speak to Him and that in 15 minutes He would answer me. Since at the time the most popular thing was a microwave, it was the coolest thing. It could cook everything faster. My desperation demanded from God microwave answers. And they did not arrive fast enough.
The desperation grew even more which I thought gave me the grounds to allow my self think that I was not important to GOD, that I did not interest him. Therefore, this confirmed to me that God did not exist, because I did not find answers. The desperation and the lack of patience were present in my heart for as long as I can remember. Little by little I learn how to manage my heart and decided not to let these feelings drive me to sorrow in life. Instead I decided to let the deep desires thrive in me. Desires such as to be happy, satisfied and to believe that some how God really cared for me. And they thrive in me even today.
By listening to the Word of God during services at church, I started to gain understanding. Yes, day by day understanding of THE God! The God I needed so much. All of a sudden He started to make some sense to me. It was then when I realized that you cannot understand God with science, facts, etc. The only way I was able to understand more of Him was by actually hearing messages from his Word. I acquired faith and strength and I began to live a life with more assurance. I realized that I did not walk alone any longer, but that I had HIS SUPPORT! Wow what a thought! The very support of my Creator. EVEN THOUGH I HAD DIFFICULTIES IN LIFE.
I thought that when we get married and that person says “till death do us part” that it was the greatest love that we would ever find.
I want you to remember that the word GOD means LIFE and that the word SIN means DEATH. A mix like water and oil, you cannot have both of them perfectly mix. No, they cannot mix – It is impossible.
Back then I used to say in times of confusion…I did not ask to live, I did not create my self. I reached the conclusion that somebody requested me. I was the idea of somebody… my parents created an opportunity for THAT SOMEBODY who dreamed of me and had me in his heart. Yes that somebody is…God. (Yes, dear reader, I thought that he dreamed me because I was number 7 child. I was not expected… even though I was well received. I was not the idea of my parents. I was someone else’s.
Dear reader, allow me to tell you that God thought of YOU, too. God IS the only one who grants life.
You and I know that the general dream of a human being is to live well and in peace. But we want to do it far from God. Far from our source of life, without moral values and restrictions. Do you know that this is rebellion to our own life? Yes, that is rebellion to our God (life), to the very one who created us. And this is because REBELLION IS SIN (DEATH). DEATH AND LIFE CANNOT MIX!
Today I invite you to think that somebody said: “I love you so much, that I don’t want to stop at “till the death do us part”, rather, I love you so much that DEATH (SIN) will not part us.” WOW! Imagine that! He thinks that you and I are such a good idea that he wants to preserve our lives to that extent.
AND HE DID IT! Wow! That is True Love… and He demonstrated to you and to the world that he would lay his life down for yours.
Yes! God reduced himself to be a man so that His blood will clean sin off of us. And that was hard work because the Word of God says that he was tempted in everything, and yet did NOT sin. Wow! He said NO to all the pleasures that you and I say yes to as often as we please! Incredible, right?
Did you know that it was your face and mine, and his love for the Heavenly Father that put Him on that cross? And it was that same love that sustained Him on that cross to the very end.
Maybe you say like I did “I NEVER put him on that cross!” And I say to you he dreamed you. He wanted you. He did not want to be separated from YOU. He really desires you and that’s why HE took your place on that cross. Because if you had take your place, you would never enjoy life, and life with HIM. You wouldn’t have the experience to taste what true love is all about. YOU would not have access to GOD (LIFE). HE fought death so you did not have to. THAT IS THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY LOVE!
We are speaking of an incomparable love. HE gave his Son so that you and I will enter the peace and the purposes that He created us for. And that we would be able to live life and find it fulfilling. And with peace, a peace that although difficult things happen to us, that peace, love and confidence become our refuge; and his Word becomes our aid that brings us to enjoy life no matter what happens; and with a faith that can only be developed through listening and studying of the word of God.
Challenge God, He gave you your own will.
He did not force to you to receive him. He did not make you a robot. On the contrary he has given you the POWER to live and to decide. All of it. And today he has put it in front of you once again. While you read these words today He reminds you for whom you are to decide, to love Him or not.
Today the only thing you must do is to ask him to forgive you of all your sin. To admit that you recognize how great is His love for you. And that Jesus is the best and most valuable gift that anyone can give you in all your existence. That you receive him in your heart as your personal Savior. Ask that he teaches you and guides you into a life worth living. Read this paragraph again and pray it from the bottom of your heart.
If you have made this prayer, I CONGRATULATE you! Today you changed the destiny of your eternity. Because all of us are going to pass into eternity at some time.
If you prayed this prayer or you have a special request and would like to contact us, please write your prayer request here. We want to hear from you. We will be praying for your requests!
We are thankful to God for the life he has given us.
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Pastor Sharon Williams