Building up…is a wonderful funtion of the church on earth!
Author: P. Sharon
We thank God for the opportunity to serve Him and serve you!
Working together with Good Sam Church is a blessing! Both of our churches want to build our community strong, during a world wide economy struggle. Families need to take time to have fun and cherish one another. As families are being strengthened, their community is strengthened.
Come and join us for our first Family Fall Festival and have fun!
Earthquake in Costa Rica
Author: Pastor Sharon WIlliams
Recently I traveled to Costa Rica to help the victims of the Earthquake that occurred on January 8, 2009. In the middle of much destruction we found lives full of sadness, lacking hope, in pain and lost. We shared tracts of salvation and hope. Together with Pastor Manuel Hernandez from Vision Nehemiah Church, and Pastor Areadnne Marchena from Fresh Anointing Church, we spread the Love of Jesus to many souls who received Him as their Savior. God has put in our hearts the need to open the Department of Missions in Christ Center Church so we may continue making an effort to obtain more aid to help these victims in Costa Rica.
Christ Center Church believes that there is nothing impossible for GOD!
The congregation of Christ Center Church, along with our partners in Ohio and Costa Rica, got united and we were able to make a difference on this trip by taking clothes, food and the Bread of Life… Jesus. What we did was good. Even so, it is not sufficient. A single person is only one voice, TOGETHER we are a force.
We encourage you to join yourself with our efforts to help these families who lost their homes, jobs, and even members of their own families.
If you would like to know more about this mission, please request the DVD video of interviews that we have from the victims of this tragedy. Get acquainted with the victims in Costa Rica and their struggles. They need you and they need us!
Let’s give them a hand…together!